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About US

 We at The Termite King are dedicated to providing you complete protection of your home against all wood destroying organisms, not just termites. We feel that is an important distinction because the majority of damage to homes comes from wood destroying fungus, not termites. We offer complete solutions for protecting your home from virtually all those things that want to decompose it. We are commited to being able to offer these services at reasonable prices with guaranteed quality. We are also dedicated to achieving this with a minimal impact on the environment.

 We offer a variety of environmentally friendly treatment options to fit the varying needs of our customers. We also provide ongoing control services at very competitive rates. Plus there are preventive treatments and work that can be done on your home, some of which you can do yourself-we'll show you how! These preventive measures will reduce your annual control service cost even more.

 We are also commited to being available to provide information. Feel free to contact us about any wood destroying organism matter. We'll be happy to help you and we won't try to sell you a thing, that's a promise. We at The Termite King feel it is best for all if we serve the purpose of supplying people with the information they need to make their own decisions about what is best for them and their home.