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As the owner/operator of The Termite King I would like to mention a couple things about special services we offer.

Senior Citizens

Of course we offer a standard 10% discount to all our senior citizens. However I would like to expound upon that a little.

We all struggle with rising cost. A trend that doesn't look like its going to change anytime soon. Though it hurts all of us, we need to remember how devasting it can be for those of us with fixed incomes. I'd also like to mention a fact that we all know. Some seniors are struggling more than others.

Looking 10, 20 and 30 years into our future, if things remain as they are, life for our senior citizens can only get worse. This is something I am sure we are all aware of. Many people in our government are doing what they can to help reduce the impact of this looming problem. They have my utmost support.

However, we cannot rely solely upon the government to solve all of our social problems. We must all be willing to do what we can to help alleviate some of the hardship of our senior citizens. We owe it to them.

With that in mind I'd like to say to all senior citizens in our area. If you are having a problem with termites or any type of wood destroying organism, they will not be allowed to continue destroying your home simply because you cannot afford to stop them. That I guarantee!

You can call me directly.

Tony Hickman--310 985-0162

Churches and Similiar Organizations

Churches and similiar organizations are the pillars of a concientious society and community. Unlike businesses however they can only afford to sponsor their programs and services through the generous donations of its members and supporters. However the services they provide to the community benefit all of us.

Granted, since The Termite King is a for profit business it is necesarry for me to generate profits. However I have no desire to generate our profits from funds donated to these types of organizations. That seems counter productive to me.

If I could take care of them all for free I would. But, doing the math, I can see that I would not be in business very long with that approach. However as long as I am in business I am in a position to help. Heres how...

If your church or similiar organization is in need of termite control work. Get a couple estimates. That will be for your information only. I will never ask what those estimates are. I will then give you a complete inspection of my own. Then when I tell you what I am willing take care of it for, you will know I am for real.

Call me directly.

Tony Hickman--310-985-0162